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On Tuesday 2nd March 2021, Toby Walters was joined by Neil Shorthouse for an informal, informative chat about hospitality in the cruise industry, for the fifth iteration of our Cruiseday Tuesday series. Part of the Cruise Conversations series designed to open conversation in the industry, Cruiseday Tuesday takes the format of a friendly chat with key players in cruise.

The fifth iteration, Cruiseday Tuesday with… Neil Shorthouse, covered a life of high-level hospitality in the cruise industry, exploring how hospitality differs on land and at sea, the adaptability of cruise crew, and how Neil’s work in the Maldives is affecting the cruise industry there. We’ve picked out some of the best bits from the session – but there were too many to include, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch the video below!

Neil Shorthouse on… guest experience

“No matter where you go or what the product is, guest experience needs to be considered to deliver something for the guest.”

On… crew service

“The level of service given by a crew no matter what ship it is, is always a good level of service. It comes down to the number of guests you have on board that can change the experience for a guest.”

On… cruise preparedness

“A lot of hotels and resorts weren’t prepared for the pandemic, with a lot of the right protocols not in place. In the cruise industry we’ve been dealing with different types of outbreaks since day one, so the cruise industry is very resilient and is prepared for it – they do this every single day. Hotels are reactive, whereas the cruise industry is proactive.”

On… vaccine passports

“When I was a crew member we used to have ‘yellow fever cards’ – I think when cruises start up again you’ll have a vaccine book and if you haven’t had your vaccine, you won’t be able to cruise!”

On… reporting in the industry

“Cruise ships are very safe and very secure – unfortunately they always get bad press because as an industry we report everything. Hotels and resorts don’t need to report anything legally.”

On… experience of cruise crews

“When you take a crew member from a ship and put them in a hotel, they’ve actually got a huge amount of knowledge and experience that individuals may not necessarily have.”

On… the shifting work space

“I think you’ll have a mix of those who can’t wait to get back to sea and those who are happy working at home.”

On… private islands

“[Private islands] are something that I think will definitely take off.”

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