How we attract quality attendees to Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo

Our VIP and Audience Engagement Team are dedicated to filling the show floor with relevant, influential, and critical decision makers from within the cruise industry. Exhibitors and attendees at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo are in the company of the top players in cruise hospitality, from Directors of Hotel Operations within all the major cruise lines, to the biggest names in Guest Experience. So how do we attract such high-quality attendees to our events? Today we’re talking to our VIP and Audience Engagement Team, Bethany Davies and Adem Veli, to find out…

VIP Relationship Manager, Bethany Davies

Hi Bethany, thanks for talking to us today. Could you tell us a little bit about the attendees we get at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo?

Hi Elliot, it’s great to be here and talking about what we know best, the attendees! Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo (CSH) attracts attendees from world leading cruise lines and award-winning, full-service hospitality management companies. We have also started seeing some attendees from hotel brands, everyone knows that some of the most innovative products are designed for the cruise lines, so it looks like the hotel brands are catching on to this and don’t want to miss out!

Why is the quality of attendees at the shows so important?

The quality of attendees is so important to ensure our exhibitors get the best return on their investment in the shows. We have a dedicated team who’s focus is to attract quality attendees to the show. We offer an amazing VIP programme to all qualified buyers, it covers many of the costs associated with attending an expo such as hotel bookings, invitations to networking events and lunch and refreshments whilst at the show. In return we encourage our VIPs to do lots of business with our exhibitors! 

Of course we encourage anyone to attend – what advice would you give first-time attendees of Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo?

Prior to the show reach out to as many people as possible on LinkedIn. You may find you recognise a few more people and a good way to start a conversation is “hey, I think we connected on LinkedIn last week…”. Plan to be at the show for the whole duration and be as active as possible! Walk around the show floor and don’t be afraid to approach people, remember everyone is there to network. You never know who you might bump into!

I would also recommend that you book to stay in one of our partnered hotels, we often find that the networking continues in the hotel lobbies and bars, if you book through our website you are sure to be staying amongst some of our VIP guests!

Audience Engagement Executive, Adem Veli

Hi Adem, thanks for joining us today. Could you tell us a bit about your role in the VIP and Audience Engagement Team?

Of course, my pleasure! I work to ensure that high quality attendees visit Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo (CSH) from all corners of the cruise hospitality industry- whether they’re from the F&B, Sanitation, Hotel, or even Medical department. As CSH welcomes all hospitality professionals I also reach out to educational institutions, hoteliers, bars, and restaurants alike to create a diverse hub on the show floor. I also make sure our attending VIPs get the best from their time with us at the show and so we’re constantly coming up with new ways to enhance their experience.

How does the high quality of attendees at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo impact the success of the show for our exhibitors?

The fact that we actively source such high quality attendees means that the exhibitors are happy year after year having met some of their clients face to face as well as having a whole stack of new ones to connect with whilst back in the office. This means that business isn’t just conducted on our show floor as the relationships that are cemented between exhibitors and attendees really do last. I think now more than ever we are realizing the importance of face-to-face connection so having human interaction with people in that environment is much more successful than a sales email or call.

What benefits to attending do our VIP attendees have?

On top of the endless networking opportunities, VIPs enjoy a full conference programme with speakers from a range of topics on both days. They also get full access to the Cruise & Ferry Review VIP Lounge for breaks and refreshments for when they need to take a break from the bustle! VIPs also receive invitations to drinks receptions and our launch party too, which are not to be missed. Further, this year we are excited to introduce a Concierge Matchmaker, an enhanced matchmaking service that matches Cruise Line execs with exhibitors based on needs and projects to streamline what can be a busy couple of days!

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