Exhibitor Q&A with… Hielo – Wine Coolers

Q&A with Hielo - Wine Coolers | Cruise Ship Interiors America 2020
The Hielo Wine Cooler in light gold

Hielo – Wine Coolers are an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo and Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe. We had a chat with them about what they’ll be bringing to the shows, what makes their wine coolers stand out, and why you won’t truly understand it until you use it!

Thanks for talking to us today! We’re very excited for you to exhibit at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo – what are you most excited about for the show and why?

We are looking forward to demonstrating our products to the delegates attending the Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. We are excited that we have created very desirable products for the hotel and luxury market already, but we believe our products to be the perfect complement for any experience upon water also. For us this is a huge opportunity.

Could you give us some clues of what products you’ll be bringing to Miami?

We have two fantastic wine coolers in our range and both work exceptionally well. We will be bringing several of these products in various finishes to Miami.

What makes Hielo® and Eclipse® stand out from the crowd – what makes your products unique?

Our products are designed to work. ‘Working’ for us means keeping the wine cool and the bottle dry, with no messy drips or peeling labels whilst conserving ice and the use of linen.

This happens because the ice is separated from the wine bottle. The ice is placed in the crescent of the Eclipse and the coldness transfers throughout the cooler. With the Hielo® the 5 ice cubes are placed in the base with the bottle sitting on three uprights.

Nobody likes white wine, rose, or champagne too warm – using the Hielo® and Eclipse® ensures this does not happen.

The Hielo® and Eclipse® have incredible heat exchange properties, they are extruded from a high-grade Aluminium and have either an anodised or powder coat quality finish.

Aluminium makes an ideal material for heat/cold exchange due to its enviable technical capabilities and mechanical properties. These include high thermal conductivity, low density, strength and corrosion resistance.

Once 5 ice cubes are added to the Hielo® or the Eclipse® the thermal conductivity properties begin to work extremely quickly. Wine, champagne, or any other beverage taken from the fridge and placed into either of the coolers will stay cool for a long period, often much longer than it takes for the beverage to be consumed! The Hielo® up to two hours or the Eclipse® up to one hour.

Q&A with Hielo - Wine Coolers | Cruise Ship Interiors America 2020
The Hielo Wine Cooler in gun metal grey

One of the main appeals of the Hielo® wine cooler is the minimal use of ice – why is this attractive to the cruise market?

We believe just 5 ice cubes means a significant reduction in ice used to keep bottled beverages cool. The largest cruise ship consumes 1.1m ice cubes a day! Admittedly not all of these are used in ice buckets or wine coolers, but our products would significantly reduce ice consumption against what is currently used to keep bottled beverages cool. With no messy drips, less linen is required because the bottle stays dry.

The design of the Hielo® has a universal appeal – how does this translate to cruise ships?

The Hielo® design is simple it keeps wine or champagne from the fridge at the desired temperature for longer, conserving ice, keeps bottle dry with no messy drips, no condensation in humid climates and uses less linen.

It is a new product with unique characteristics providing appealing quality that is difficult to adequately describe until you experience it!

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