Exhibitor Q&A with… Hello Straw

Hello Straw are an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. Offering 100% eco-friendly products to the hospitality industry, Hello Straw focus their plastic-reducing efforts into creating the perfect paper straw.

Today we’re talking to them about how their products can help cruise lines achieve their sustainable goals, and about their recent venture into helping out health organisations around the world. Read on below…

Thanks for talking to us today! Can you tell us a bit about Hello Straw and how it came about?

Thank you, we are very excited to partake in this interview. Hello Straw came as a breath of fresh air; after many years in the paper packaging business, we are confident in our knowledge of ecological raw materials such as paper. The current use of plastics for packaging and the likes, has always inspired us to push for a switch to paper instead. Our love for the hospitality sector led us to thinking of the many ways disposable plastics can be replaced with biodegradable solutions, and eventually we settled on paper straws.

What makes your products stand out from the competition?

It is no surprise that paper straws have somewhat of a ‘bad rep’; they get soggy quickly, they taste unpleasant, and can often ruin the drinking experience for guests. This is precisely why we spent countless hours into making our products durable and taste-free, by using special paper composition and only certified European materials (such as Flint ink and Henkel glue). We also diversified into making straws for hot drinks, flexible straws, paper stirrers, straws for bubble tea and smoothies, and now are rapidly expanding into the aseptic packaging sector with our U-shape and telescope paper straws – both registered BENELUX designs.

How can your products help the cruise lines achieve their sustainability goals?

We believe that, while many claim paper straws only play a small part in the plastic pollution, the hospitality business needs them direly. We are eager to offer solutions for hotels, bars, restaurants, and more; we even offer customizable paper straws, allowing the client the freedom to print the product with their own logo and design. Seeing as plastic will soon be outlawed, several businesses are in need of eco-friendly solutions. We believe bamboo or metal straws are also viable options, yet not practical for the fast-paced business that is hospitality.

Could you tell us a little bit about Hello Mask?

Once the COVID-19 crisis spread across the world, we decided to use our connections and expertise towards a positive goal. We selected high quality products from certified manufacturers, and developed our own PPE line called Hello Mask. We currently offer disposable masks for both adults and children, KN95, PET shields, gloves, reusable masks, and more. We have recently supplied gloves to the NHS, of which we are very proud. Our core value is not to exploit this terrible situation, but rather to share our resources with the public at a fair price, no matter how large or small the quantity may be. 

Finally, what are you most excited about for Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe?

The naval industry is definitely an untapped market for us. While we have been working in close contact with restaurants and hotels for many years, we are curious to see the different needs and practicalities involved in hospitality on the sea. We are definitely looking forward to attending!

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