5 Ways CSHE and CSH are Different

…Plus one way they’re the same!

We recently launched Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo into Europe, with the inaugural show taking place at the ExCeL London on 2 – 3 December, co-locating with Cruise Ship Interiors Expo. The growth in demand from the industry, along with the positive feedback from our esteemed advisory board, told us that we were filling a much-needed gap in the industry.

After an overwhelmingly successful debut of the Cruise Ship Interiors brand in Europe with the Barcelona expo last year, it solidified that the European market is demanding a direct connection with the cruise industry. It is definitely the case that we recognise the American and European cruise markets are two completely distinct markets, each with their own unique needs. But, whilst our Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo’s are very closely linked, they are not identical.

So, what makes our Europe show different? Read on to find out…

1… The Europe show is curated for the River Cruise and Expedition Cruise markets

The focus on the River Cruise and Expedition Cruise markets at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe was one of its strongest features – and we are carrying this over to the Hospitality Expo. With the rise in popularity of expedition cruise, and the expansion of luxury cruise lines in the expedition market, as well as the continuing popularity and growth of river cruise on Europe’s famed rivers, hospitality businesses require a link between themselves and the cruise lines – and this is the perfect show for it.

2… Curated for a boutique market

The European cruise market is different from the American one in a few distinct ways. One of these is that the vessels, on the whole, are smaller. Many of the luxury brands, such as Silversea, advertise this fact with aplomb, quoting the size of their ships as a primary factor in the ultra-luxury atmosphere created on board. The same goes for river cruise lines, whose ships are required to be smaller for manoeuvrability purposes. This can bring interesting design challenges (how do you ensure you have all the necessary equipment in a smaller-sized galley?), as well as greater customisation, with more ships able to be designed from the ground up. This creates a more boutique marketplace for European suppliers.

3… Different cruise lines and industry leaders will be in attendance

The attendee list at the America and Europe shows is very different, with more big names from European cruise lines attending the Europe shows and vice versa with America. If you’re looking to break into the European cruise market, make sure you’re exhibiting at Cruise Ship Hospitality Europe – with B2B Matchmaking, you’ll be in the perfect place to make those connections you need.

4… The show will be more focused and refined

Covering a smaller area and with a more tailored product selection than the America Expo, Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe gives suppliers a far higher chance of being noticed. With the same calibre of attendees as America, make sure your booth stands out from the crowd to attract the big names!

5… The show is shaped by some of the top European cruise lines

Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe is the first show exclusively focused on cruise hospitality in Europe – backed by our esteemed Advisory Board, we are bringing the success of the Cruise Ship Hospitality brand to the European cruise industry, creating the perfect networking platform for suppliers and cruise lines alike. Featuring prestigious players from across the European Cruise Hospitality industry, our Advisory Board is directing and guiding Cruise Ship Hospitality Europe to ensure it is as ground-breaking, informative, and productive for our Exhibitors as possible.

So, what are we keeping the same? You guessed it…

The High Quality of the Show

From Miami to London, the American Hospitality market to the European one; wherever we put our feet we are delivering the best quality expo possible.

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